Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Buttfuck Disco Pt. 9

The Hoodrat legacy continues...

Or if you prefer to do the podcast thing then get the mix as a podcast from here

1.Intro – Remember Goblin??
2.Mekon – Yes Yes Yall (Duke Dumont remix)
3.Klaxons – Golden Skans (Surkin Remix)
4.Mr Oizo – Nazis
5.Bag Raiders – Fun Punch (Raiders ‘live’ mix)
6.Radar – War out There (South Central remix)
7.Alex Gopher – Motorcycle (Wet Clutch short edit)
8.Missy Elliot – Lose Control (Jacques Lu Cont mix)
9.Hi Jack – Hi Jackin’ (Herve’s Fuck Fuck Remix)
10.Bondo Do Role – Melo Do Tobaco (Radioclit remix)
11.Induceve – Warehouse Shit
12.Bloc Party – I Still Remember (SebastiAn remix)
13.Count Of Monte Cristal – Pussy Suck
14.Ladybug – Dem A Bomb We
15.Chemical Brothers – Nude Night / Dj Nasty – Down Low (Accapella)
16.Passions – Emergency
17.Afrika Bambatta & Westbam – Agharta (Technolectro mix)
18.Das Glow – Weiss Gaz
19.Kraftwerk – Pocket Calculator
20.The Glimmers – Cassette
21.Dj Hell – Hot On The Heels Of Love (Dave Clarke remix)
22.Tom Vek – I ain’t Saying No Goodbyes (Phones Re-edit)
23.Goon and Kazey – The Dough
24.Midnight Juggernauts – The Devil Within (The Presets remix)
25.Klaxons – Ayia Napa to Interzone (Tapedeck remix)
26.Fleetwood Mac – The Chain
27.Surkin – And You too (Dj Slugo remix)
28.The Lively Ones - Surf Rider
29.Buraka Som Sistema – Wawaba
30.Candido y Su Moviemiento - Palos de Fuego
31.Salsoul Orchestra – Ooh, I Love it (Greg Wilson edit)
32.Kango’s Stein Massiv – Eddik
33.Phones – Worryin
34.Chicken Lips – Motion Sickness
35.Dust Galaxy – Come Here The Trumpets (Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra Indian Vibes remix)
36.Pink Floyd – Time


james raymond said...

this mix was so tight and moist, was it glued together with kraft? how good did that glue taste! havent ate it since kindy though ...hmmm im gettin a bit of a cravin... nice mix xoxo

p.s. oioioi can someone upload ajax's arepeoplereal mix? thx cyas at the gay bash xoxo

Roppenzo said...

Yo Jamie.. Like the blog.. one thing mate: you dropped the wrong link in the mailinglist-mail..

needs a dot com :-P

greetz, Roppenzo,PTNOTR


charlieb said...

ehhhh nice to see you frunts gettin your act together

i have a new blog too

you like it.


Mixy said...

Super kawaii! Very much looking forward to party party etc. ..

pee ess: linkage for mp3 needs a fixin' too. https and what not. unless you're purposely being tricky.

A.D.D said...

How does he do it......good to see you included 'the chain', love it when you played it live!!

any plans to record a live mix, or is that a little too extreme, even for you guys!!??


doom said...

link is now fixed bloggers...

andy said...

nice one. good to hear motorcycle in there.

Anonymous said...

yo fags
post something from sunsets on fbi for all the folk that dont live in NSW, we're all creaming to hear doom & ajax's on banter.

james raymond said...

hey brother you can listen to fbi on the net http://www.fbi.org.au/. word to your mother xo

Anonymous said...

yeh, im never around when the show is on.. :/

Anonymous said...

oh and ps james, you can get the arepeoplereal mix from their podcast

james raymond said...

thanks anonymous.. when i subscribed to the are poeple real podcast only the skull juice mix was available.. good to see all the mixes are now available xx.

zebra said...

Hey, you can get Buraka Som Sistema record (10 songs) here:


01. Intro 02. Buraka Entra! 03. Yah! 04. A morte do Sonic 05. Com Respeito 06. Coozi o Mambo 07. Wawaba 08. Sem Makas Bonus Track’s 09. D…D…D..D..Jay 10. Wawaba (V.1.8)

It's the portuguese edition.
Enjoy! Thanks.

rufus said...

Any Single Track?