Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh I Like a Like a Like a Like a Like

The debut 12" from Like Woah! is out this week.

It features 2 originals along with the Knightlife and Whitenoise remixes. Somehow we have managed to keep these off blogs so you'll have to go get the vinyl or try soulseek in a week or get em.

IN the meantime here is a lil set opener thing the like woahers have been playing. kinda like a doofus version of daft punk - teaches. Enjoy.

Like Woah! - Oh I Like Opener

Like Woah will be launching the 12" at 3rd class, Melbourne, next saturday night along with Gus da Hoodrat and ZZZ. Look out for other national tour dates throughout october as well.


Ben said...

shut up.that opener is fucking crazy. i remember these kids first gig at bandits. they've come so far but it seems like yesterday. sit the fuck down. this is too much.

peter pan said...

you are such a gay lord.

Anonymous said...

if your gonna hate at least dont fuck with the name peter pan. amateur

Mags said...

Sounds like sex

Anonymous said...

Had these tracks for a good while now, One of the best artists on the label, Love the whitenoise remix people ask me for it 24/7



Anonymous said...

i got the whitenoise remix of this n fun punch! i got the hook ups. please post more stuff soon

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